Psychoanalysis; in 2015 he was a Doctoral Student at Bryn Mawr College GSSWSR.  In recognition of his academic prowess and commitment to servicing humanity in the field of Behavioral Health and Sciences Bryn Mawr's Graduate School of Social Work and Research honored Khary with their first Alumni Achievement Award; recognizing Fellowman Atif as an emergent leader in the field of Social Work. On November 13, 2015, Khary was honored at Bryn Mawr Graduate School's 100 year Anniversary as one of the school's 100 Distinguished Alumni recipients since the school's inception.  




We Mentor young men via the Rites of Passage Program, provide complete holiday baskets so families in need can prepare and eat in a home environment, provide college stipends to students entering college, raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer, Autism and  ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).  

Please consider joining us in servicing the community for one of our upcoming projects listed on the calendar of events. Email us or use the contact form to receive specific information on the logistics.  You also can contribute to our tax deductible scholarship fund at The Groove

Building Relationships for Life,

While Serving the Community.

Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship, Inc.  ~  Building a Better Tomorrow  ~  One Young Man at a Time  

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Chapter President Atif​

   Welcome to the Philadelphia Graduate Chapter Website.  Philadelphia is known as the cradle of Democracy, the city's mantra is "The City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection." The iconic "Liberty Bell symbolizes the spirit of Philadelphians and is recognized worldwide as a symbol of freedom. Collectively the symbol and mantra of Philadelphia embody the spirit of the Philadelphia Graduate Chapter of Groove Phi Groove, S.F.I. which strives to be inclusive and serve without regard to race, orientation or economic status.       

   We welcome individuals of the community and other

organizations who would like to partner with us as

we serve the hungry, draw awareness to ALS

(Lou Gehrig's Disease), breast cancer and

other ails challenging the health of our



Recent Events

In addition to being a scholar, Fellowman Atif is a man of faith and devoted father.  As an Imam Khary has served Philadelphia's Islamic community where he grew under the tutelage of the late Imam W.D. Mohammed.

Moreover, Fellowman Atif is a husband (Noelies Zavala), a proud father of four adult sons and a teenage daughter, as well as a grandfather to six grandchildren.   Having experienced the lost of his youngest biological son Khary understand the need to mentor young men.  In 2005 Fellowman Atif authored the "Distended Tear" a collection of psychoanalytic essays.  

In 2010 complete his journey of entering the Fellowship of Groove Phi Groove, joining the Philadelphia Graduate Chapter and the Graduate Alumni Chapter of Lincoln University where he serves as in the office of chapter secretary.  

On a national level, Fellowman Atif heads the National Community Service Committee and serves as a Board Member of the Groove Community Foundation.  In addition Khary is a member of the Pride of Ethiopia Lodge # 104 (M.W. Prince Hall Grand Lodge F&AM of PA).  

We expose Junior High School students to the college environment and High School students to collegiate admissions decision makers to improve college enrollment via our annual "College Bus Tour."


Chapter, Inc.

Welcome to our website,

It has been said, "We exist to serve others." Thus, more important than whom we are, is what we do.

As the President of the Philadelphia Graduate Chapter our aim is to serve the community, promote education and strengthen families.

Although our primary focus is to building young men into social and civic leaders, we realize that women are the essential element in community life.  Therefore,  we also endeavour to enrich the lives of young women.

Again, Welcome. 

We host the annual "Summertime Groove Picnic," annual "Founders Fellowship Brunch" and other enrichment outings to foster team building and encouragement of complete family involvement in community service.



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Fellowman Khary Atif

Fellowman Atif currently serves as a Director for DHS University at Philadelphia's Department of Human Services.  

Khary began his service to mankind and career at DHS in 1983 as a Social Worker in the Children and Youth Division where he has served Philadelphia's most vulnerable population in the capacity as a direct worker, supervising worker, Social Work Administrator and currently as a Staff Services Director, where he helps shape and trained new workers and recent collegiate graduates on the complexities of service delivery in conjunction with federal, state and county mandates.

Fellowman Atif possess passion for learning and can often be found with a book in his possession and is affectionately known as the "Analyst."  Khary formal education has been obtained via Lincoln University, Temple University and most recently at Bryn Mawr College where he obtained his Master of Social Service degree, Master of Law and Social Policy and is currently a Senior Candidate at the Philadelphia School of