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Pictured in the above caption:  (L) Deacon Joe Louis Jones and Fellowman Christopher Kingsberry

 Developing Partnerships and Preserving Traditions

 Preserving African American Cultural Traditions

"We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee."   ~ Marian Wright Edelman 

On Sunday, December 13, 2015, the Fellowmen of Groove Phi Groove, Philadelphia Graduate Chapter partnered with The Men of Zion, to assist in that ministry's annual drive to provide the necessary food staples for families in need.  The catalyst of this partnership is the cultural recognition of the African-American tradition of gathering the complete family together as one in Fellowship in a home setting.  The holiday family gatherings are reminiscent of southern gatherings transferred to northern cities as depicted in movies like Soul Food.  This tradition started during the days of slavery when sharing and breaking of bread for the benefit of all helped sustain the livelihood of all in bondage. 

     The members of the Philadelphia Graduate Chapter of Groove Phi Groove, Social Fellowship have in the past bought turkeys for families, served and prepared food for families at food kitchens, and participated in serving the homeless.  However, as a member, Christopher Kingsberry stated, "the family gathering is unique and important to the Black Family structure.  It is during the traditional calendar dates of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and July 4th that Black families (nuclear and immediate) come together for a de facto Family Reunion.  It is a time when new additions to the family are introduced and old bonds are strengthened.  Without these unique gatherings, the Black family structure is weakened."  Chapter President Khary Atif stated in his correspondence to Deacon Joe Louis Jones, "Upon hearing of Zion Baptist Church's noble mission to assist needy families in gathering around their own  dinner table during the holiday, to partake in a complete family meal, prepared by their own hands, in a family setting, the Fellowmen of Groove Phi Groove unanimously voted to assist in this endeavor.  We believe that feeding the hungry is a task assigned by God, but more importantly, we believe that giving those in need the tools to feed themselves is the noblest approach."

     Although this is the first partnership between the Historic Zion Baptist Church and the Fellowship of Groove Phi Groove, the Fellowmen intend on building a strong relationship to help their brothers and sisters in need as the Men of Zion, the Deacons Ministry and Zion Baptist at large have done for many years under the leadership of the Reverend Dr. Leon Sullivan; the key figure in facilitating the boycott and divestment of companies doing business with a South African Country immeshed in a system of Apartheid.  It was Dr. Sullivan's holistic approach to addressing problems, which led to the peaceful abrogation of Apartheid and release of former South Africa President Nelson Mandela. 

     In his presentation to the church Fellowman Kingsberry closed his remarks by issuing the following, "It is our hope that others, will see the value of this holistic approach toward addressing a need in the Black Community and Join The Men of Zion, Deacon's Ministry and Fellowmen of Groove Phi Groove, Social Fellowship, Inc. in preserving our cultural traditions."