The Key to Success is Education

  The saying, “no man is an island,” and “today is yesterday's pupil,” still holds true for today.  These sayings simply mean that we are pictures painted by our families; which include your immediate family such as your parents, grandparents and other relatives, as well as your extended family members such as coaches, big brothers, godparents, and mentors. Regardless of the title, each family member plays a major part in today's educational process from the first day our family teaches us how to speak, write, and walk; till the last traditional story, which teaches us social behavior and culture.

The Family an Integral part of Today's Education Process 


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Although many minorities and poor family members did not have access to the educational institutions and complex teaching instruments which we possess today, they had a sense of direction and balance.  They knew what the great men who built the pyramids of Egypt knew; that the most important part of education is the foundation and that every great block has to be carefully shaped, placed and balanced in order for the structure to survive its’ environment.  It is the mothers, fathers, grandparents, coaches, mentors and other relatives who have carefully shaped and balanced the foundations of every successful person today, with stories of past experiences, quotes, proverbs, and encouragement.

Simply put, it is our family (immediate and extended) who mentored and encouraged us along the road of life.  They provide us with direction and motivation, while constantly reminding us that, “It’s a long road without a bend."  When we reach the crossroads of life, it is our family who gives us the option to take a different path or stay the course.  It is then that we take time to look back upon the experiences and accomplishments gained along the way to determine our future course.  That’s the time to examine the sayings and stories which our parents and mentors told us over and over, and discover the great wisdom and knowledge they have provided, for “Today is indeed yesterday’s pupil.”

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