Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship, Inc.  ~  Building a Better Tomorrow  ~  One Young Man at a Time  

      We endeavor to effectuate a course of positive change from one generation to the next generation in the lives of young children and young adults via engaging and uplifting community service projects and activities.  Napoleon Bonaparte sought to encourage families to develop the next generation of scientist, forward thinkers, medics, and educators when he rightfully declared, show me a family of readers, and I will show you the people who move the world. ~ He made this proclamation to try and help those of the lower classes improve their stature in society and move His nation forward as ft he world was rapidly expanding industrially. Our aim is to develop self-esteem and promote cultural awareness via a diverse reading list.  

      Unlike most African American Booklist, our book recommendations are not limited to just Black authors, but include titles such as Fever 1796 which depicts a pre-adolescent protagonist whom comes to appreciate and value African Americans through her interactions with them as Yellow Fever radishes colonial Philadelphia.  It also includes books like The Secret Lives of Bees, where teams with a young outcaste helps a wrongly incarcerate black woman break free of the of the oppressive bonds of a prejudice southern town. In addition books such as to Kill a Mockingbird, No shame No fear, The Alchemist and others are included which demonstrate how leading characters overcame adversity through wit, self-discovery and courage.  Notwithstanding the bulk of the Booklist are overwhelmingly written by Black authors, but are not merely meant for Black readers.  Each book selected will impart some aspect of the black experience and resiliency to audiences of other nationalities and ethnic groups.  We hope you will purchase a book for children in need whom abode in North Philadelphia, which is predominantly African American.  We also strongly encourage you to purchase a book for yourself or a family member.  Please note each purchase enriches the lives of children, keeps the selection in print and supports an author whom seeks to enrich our community and nation at large.  ~ Enjoy